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DS1007 PPC Processor Board

Computing power and small I/O latencies

The DS1007 processor board provides high computing power combined with fast I/O access. The single-slot board offers an onboard Gigabit Ethernet host and I/O interface. It can also be used for in-vehicle applications and allows autonomous booting from internal flash memory as well as USB data logging.

At A Glance

Application Areas 

The DS1007 PPC Processor Board is specifically designed for applications that place high demands on I/O access times. The board yields the low latencies by combining two components: the architecture of the implemented QorlQ P5020 PowerPC processor with its 32-bit parallel data interface, and the peripheral high-speed (PHS) bus optimized for short access times.


Key Benefits

As the successor of the DS1005, the DS1007 features a QorlQ P5020 dual-core processor running at 2 GHz. The DS1007 offers an integrated, high-data-throughput Ethernet host interface for setting up modular systems without additional host interface cards.

The DS1007 is highly expandable. Its Ethernet I/O interface can be used for direct real-time model access via the TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol and for bypassing. USB mass storage devices can be connected for long-term data logging via the integrated USB interface.  

Dual-Core Processor for More Computing Power

You can set up a multicore system by using the individual cores of the dual-core processor and easily assign the I/O boards by graphical programming via RTI-MP. The DS1007 dual-core board speeds up all your applications with parallel computing and high-performance data exchange between the cores.

Multiprocessor Setup

Several DS1007 boards can be connected together via additional optical interfaces (DS911 Gigalink Module) to create different powerful DS1007 multiprocessor systems. This lets you increase the processing power and I/O capabilities for real-time applications far beyond the individual board performance. Special interrupt mechanisms allow highly synchronized data processing with a minimum of latencies.

Technical Details




Real-time processor

  • Freescale QorlQ P5020, dual-core, 2 GHz
  • 32 KB L1 data cache per core, 32 KB L1 instruction cache per core, 512 KB L2 cache per core, 2 MB L3 cache total

Host communication coprocessor

  • Freescale QorlQ P1011 800 MHz for communication with host PC


  • 1 GB DRAM
  • 128 MB flash memory


  • Each core has 3 general-purpose timers
  • Synchronous time base unit (for multiprocessor systems)

Interrupt controller

  • Each core has one interrupt controller with full and independent access to all real-time events
  • Additional interprocessor interrupts and messages via internal Gigalinks


Serial interface

  • RS232 interface with standard UART allowing transfer rates of up to 230.4 Kbaud


Ethernet interfaces

  • Integrated low-latency Gigabit Ethernet I/O interface


USB interface

  • USB 2.0 interface for data logging via USB mass storage device (requires a separate license)


Connection to I/O boards

  • PHS++-bus Interface
  • 32-bit I/O bus for modular I/O configuration
  • Peak transfer rate 20 MB/s, up to 30 MB/s for new I/O boards
  • Up to 64 PHS-bus interrupts

Host interface

  • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet host interface

Multiprocessor systems

  • Building multiprocessor systems with further DS1007 PPC Processor Boards
  • Up to 20 DS1007 PPC Processor Boards
  • Up to 4 high-speed links via one DS911 Gigalink Module on each DS1007
  • Cable length of up to 100 m

Physical characteristics

Physical size

  • 340 x 125 x 19 mm (13.4 x 4.9 x 0.75 in)

Ambient temperature

  • 0 ... 55 C (32 ... 131 F)


  • Active cooling via fan

Power supply

  • +5 V 5%, 9 A
    +12 V 5%, 0.8 A