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Sofi Radio Channel Fading Simulators



Test radio performance under fading and AWGN
LTE and WiMAX fading with MIMO option
3G conformity and deployment tests, series (eg. 25.101, 25.141)
Fading environments for HSDPA and E-UTRA
Wireless LAN 2-6 GHz
GSM, GPRS, GSM 450 / 480 / 850 / RGSM / DCS / PCS
TETRA device testing
Timing advance tests, handover tests, mobile speed
Military communications
Can be customised for any other wireless technology

Key Features

Bandwidth 20 MHz
Frequency range 380 ... 2700 MHz
Input level range 0 ... -40 dBm
Output level range 0 -167 dBm
Internal LO generators (optional)
MIMO channel models: 3GPP 36.101/36.104/36.521
SISO channel models: Same as SOFI 06 (e.g. W-CDMA, HSPA, GSM, TETRA etc) 20 paths per channel